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Cool things to buy at
  1. Colored Pens
I’m all into Sketchnoting thanks to my new friend. So, in a pouch in my purse, I carry a set of colored pens. I have two favorite brands: the Pentel Felt Tipped Pens and the G2 Colored Gel Pens. I also use them to grade but always pick just about any color but red, blue, or black. Some recent research has shown that the color red is a negative association for most students.  “Bleeding all over the page” is not good for anyone. Because my students use black and blue pens, I like purple, green, or aqua or something different. It is just more me.
  1. Post It Notes
Post-It Notes are awesome for brainstorming. Some of the newer post it notes come in the cool shapes. For example, I love the thumbs up (looks like of like a Facebook like).  If a student has done something awesome, I’ll often write a note, so I don’t mess up the “perfect” piece with my handwriting.
  1. Huge Sticky Tablets of Paper and Markers of Many Colors
I like to have my students come up with acronyms. For example, I always have them come up with a way to remember the order of memory for computer (Byte, KKilobyte MegaByte, Gigabyte, etc.). I give them all different colored markers, and they brainstorm how they will remember it. Then, they write it on their big post it note poster paper and stick it up on my wall. I use this for so many things.
  1. Patterned Duct Tape
I was keeping some children the other day and these two little girls found a small hole in the play stove. They asked me for duct tape to fix it. One cute little girl said, But I use it for even more. When I need to have separate places on my wall or want to do a display or mini “bulletin board” – we tape it on the wall. We use it in our Makerspace as students up-cycle things. For example, when a chair has the stuffing coming out of the padded part, my students will wrap it in designer duct tape, and it becomes a special chair where everyone wants to sit.
  1. Journals
I keep a joy journal. Did you know that just writing down five things you’re grateful for every day will make you happier after one month than if you won the lottery? . I have these particular pens — always in bold — that I use to write in my journal. (Uniball Vision Bold or G2 Bold) I’ve also got a book that I’ve written my affirmations in and another one for ideas. Journaling has made me who I am – I love to get journals and have them ready to go.

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