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TJ Maxx Review

TJ Maxx. I know, hearing that name just puts a smile on your face.

It doesn’t matter the reason why I walk in, I always check the skin care aisle. I normally don’t buy makeup from these types of stores for one main reason, there’s no product control. Everyone touches and open packages. I just can’t.

Some days there’s nothing new. But on those glorious days, you could seriously score some amazing deals. Like on my last visit. I picked up a few things to try out.

All the while I thought Marshalls and TJ Maxx offers just the same items, I was incredibly impressed at the different items offered and decided I’ll definitely be back. And next time, I’ll leave Kora & Logan at home while I spend a good hour or two to enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

There are so many cool things at T.J.Maxx when it comes to planning for your vacation! I love the name brands and discount prices there! Be sure to check out T.J.Maxx and for your vacation goodies!

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