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Cosmopolitan – 19.04.2018 – How do Hollywood starlets always stay so toned and fit in their 40s, 50s and even 60s? Is it because of expensive liposuction and dangerous plastic surgery? According to Dr. Oz the answer is NO! So, if they don’t resort to surgery to stay in good shape, what is their secret? Read on: it’s effective, safe and cheap!

A few weeks ago, during an episode of his program, Dr. Oz shared with the public the secret that he reveals only to his famous clients who are afraid of the potential risks of surgery or don’t have enough time to do sports. We were so surprised at how simple, cheap and effective his technique was that we had to test it ourselves and write an article about the results!



The best weight loss remedy you’ve never heard of

Dr. Oz used to reveal this weight loss secret only to his famous – and paying – customers, or at least that’s how it was until recently. He said he felt he had to reveal it also to his viewers because he was tired of hearing how they had wasted thousands of dollars on expensive diet supplements or dangerous surgeries that promise great things, but often do much more harm than good. As a result, a few weeks ago he shared with all the viewers of his program this simple solution, which he previously revealed only to his famous customers!

He actually found out this weight loss miracle when a whole bunch of friends and famous clients kept on contacting him hoping that he could give them a solution to lose weight and prolong their careers without resorting to surgery.

During his program, he said he was thrilled when – after months and months of difficult testing and research – his team found a product that allows losing up to 44-66 lbs in just one month. And – even more shocking – it’s a safe, super cheap remedy! The product he mentioned during the program is EcoSlim .

What is it?

2 key ingredients to lose weight:

1. B-group vitamins

2. Caffeine



It eliminates toxins and excess fluids, burns fat and activates the cell renewal process.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. You just have to dissolve a fizzy tablet of EcoSlim in a glass of water (200 ml) and drink it after meals, 3 times a day. In a few days you’ll see remarkable changes in your body!

We decided to put it to the test!

After the episode and after receiving a lot of letters, we were so happy that we wanted to try the product ourselves before writing an article in which we sang its praises. We decided to choose a volunteer who works with us. Allow me to introduce Claire Potter, 37 and mother of 3, who seized the opportunity to test this weight loss method. Here’s her story…

Claire’s story and the results of the experiment

Claire is 37, she has 3 children and lives in Leeds. Like most women her age, she started to gain unwanted excess pounds. Claire said she volunteered because nothing she had tried seemed to work and she was very frustrated. She even considered undergoing an expensive and dangerous anti-cellulite surgery. This was her last resort.

Here are her results…

The verdict:

Using EcoSlim you can lose 44 lbs in a month. It pulls the skin around the stomach and hips tight and eliminates any sign of dehydrated skin and aging.

Will it work also for you?

There are a lot of weight loss remedies around, and most of them are absurdly expensive. With so many options it’s obvious that you’re skeptical about the results, so we don’t want to promise anything to our readers, we just want to challenge you to do what Dr. Oz recommended during his program: just try and see!

For your convenience, I have included the links to the product recommended by Dr. Oz. At the time of writing this article, a promotion is still going on: a 50% discount on EcoSlim. Use the link below and you will also get minimal shipping costs.

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