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There are so many elements that you have to consider before buying a pair of boots. This is even more true when you think about the sheer number of boots on the market. Every day there seems to be new boot being released! In order to make the decision a little easier, we put together this guide with some of our top buying tips. Let it help you focus on some of the key factors to choosing the pair of boots that will make the most sense for you!

Think About Where You Will be Playing

Ten years ago, the idea of turf specific boots was unheard of. Players played on natural grass or mud fields, with turf specific pitches being few and far between. For those that played on turf, a standard pair of FG boots was the way to go. But times have changed, and brands have developed considerably. When you look at new boots, always take a second to look underneath and consider the traction system in play. Where are they intended to be played and what will they offer your game?

Keep a Practice and Game Pair

The one thing you want to do is avoid a scenario where your boots rip in a game and you don’t have a back-up pair. It happens to players every day. If you have a practice and game pair, you will always have an spare pair available to get you through difficult times. You might hear people talk about a negative to wearing a different boot in training and game, but in reality as long as your game pair is broken in and feels good to wear, the negative doesn’t exist. Being comfortable in your game boots is of vital importance. If you have that confidence in your game pair and can use a practice pair to increase it is a huge plus. Trust me, your game day boots will also approve of the added longevity to wear them for a full season!

Stick to Trusted Retailers

stick to tried and tested sites that have positive reputations and can protect your purchase. We work closely with and highly recommend using them when trying out new boot options. Become a Goal Club member and you save on every order, with free standard shipping on all footwear purchases. They are the best in the business!

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