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The Year of Fierce Fat Loss and Sweeping Change – The Best Fat Burners for 2018!

Once again the customers have spoken. Based on customer repurchases, reviews and user experience reports we have compiled a list of the best of the best in fat burners to help you obtain superior sculpted tone and high energy. The Top 10 Fat Burners for 2018 Winter Edition is here.

For years the fitness community has relied on the rankings of Top 10 Fat Burner List for the go-to products they use in their fat and weight loss programs.

The Top 10 Fat Burner list is based on:

  • Customer Re-buys – So loved users buy them again & again – when a customer repeats a purchase of the same product it is a positive the product works for them.
  • Feedback from customers – their reviews and phone discussions.
  • Logger results – documented results from Bodybuilders and Fitness Models who used the products and reported the results.
  • Our Pro Support Team’s own experience in discussions with customers who use them as well as their experience if they used the fat burner themselves.
  • 1. Alpha Lean-7 by Hard Rock Supplements






    For the second year in a row, Alpha Lean-7 has claimed the #1 position in the Top 10, and has done so in dominating fashion. Customer feedback has been so strong that Alpha Lean-7’s repurchase rate now dwarfs the entire Top 10 Fat Burners combined. Users have suggested that it is the best all-around fat burner, with its thermogenic effects and appetite suppression being second to none. In the beginning, there was Ephedra, then DMAA came on the scene. Now there is Alpha Lean-7 whose innovative formulation represents a paradigm shift that has changed the industry forever. Read all the Reviews Here


2. HYDROXYELITE by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hydroxyelite exploded onto the scene back in 2014 and has remained at the top of the pack for several years. Its formula is essentially a clone of arguably the best fat burner to ever hit the market, Oxyelite Pro. Customer adoption and reviews have been nothing short of stellar, but now the current status of the Hydroxyelite formula is up in the air as industry sources have reported that its key ingredient, DMAA, is due to be removed from the formula. Hopefully, the new formula picks up where the old left off. Read All the Reviews Here.




3. Lipodrene Hardcore by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals




Lipodrene is a powerhouse of a fat burner, and if you have a high tolerance to stimulant-based products this is your go-to supplement. Just about every powerful and novel stimulant on the market can be found in this product, which means you should only consider it if you are a very experienced user of fat burners. Similar to Hydroxyelite, DMAA is due to be removed from this product, but with such a fully loaded formula the difference will likely go unnoticed. Read all the Reviews Here.



4. Demon Burn 50 by Hard Rock Supplements






Demon Burn 50 returns to the Top 10 for the 4th year in a row with arguably one of the strongest appetite reduction formulas available today. As a hardcore fat loss aid, Demon Burn 50 also delivers in terms of intense energy and mental alertness, standing out as a great value as one of the few fat burners on the market to come with 100 servings per bottle.  Read all the Reviews Here.




5. Reduce XT by SNS





Reduce XT is a newcomer to the Top 10 and takes a completely different approach to fat loss by focusing on cortisol control. It helps prevent your body from releasing excess cortisol, which helps reduce body fat from your most stubborn areas like lower abs and love handles, all while helping to preserve and even build muscle mass. Reduce XT is great on its own, but due to the way it tackles fat loss can be stacked with virtually any fat burner.  Read all the Reviews Here.




6. Shift by PEScience






One of the newest trends this year has been a non-stimulant-based fat loss, and Shift has to lead the charge. Perfect for the stimulant sensitive, Shift helps to boost thyroid hormone, reduce appetite, and increase the amount of cAMP in the body to enhance fat loss. Read all the Reviews Here.


7. Assass1nate by Olympus Labs





One of the rising stars this year is Assass1nate by the innovators at Olympus Labs, a non-stimulant fat burner that helps with reducing appetite, preventing the storage of new body fat, and stimulating metabolism. One of the biggest bonuses is that Assass1nate doubles as a glucose disposal agent, helping you to utilize your food, especially carbs, as fuel instead of storing it as fat. Read all the Reviews Here.



8. Asia Black 25 by Cloma Pharma






Asia Black returns to the Top 10 with a formula that mimics the old school ECA stacks. In essence, Asia Black is a perfect fat burner for those who have hit a complete fat loss wall and are struggling to lose those last few pounds. Read all the Reviews Here.




9. Cobra 6p Extreme by Blackstone Labs





Blackstone Labs had already brought to market a strong fat burner in the original Cobra 6p, and they upped the ante with the new extreme version that gives users more of that stimulant kick. Feedback has suggested that it outperforms many DMAA-based fat burners, an ingredient that is found in nearly all top fat burners. Read all the Reviews Here.




10. LIPODRENE by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals







Lipodrene is the largest selling fat burner in America. It has been promoted on late night television and has a huge following. According to our customer feedback, there are more effective fat burners out there, but some people have used Lipodrene for many years and repeatedly buy the product. It’s not super stimulative or as potent as some of the others on the list, which might be one reason why the mainstream likes it so much. Read all the Reviews Here.





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