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CVS is by far the best store to get free and discounted products, if you know how to play the game. Here are the tips and tricks that will equip you with all the tools you need to maximize your savings.

1 Have an ExtraCare Card

Sign up for an ExtraCare card. Then, have the cashier swipe it each time you buy. You’ll earn:

  • 2% back on your purchases (a very few restrictions apply)
  • $5 in Extra Bucks every 10 prescriptions that you fill
  • Awesome coupons and offers on the bottom of your receipts

Use Extra Bucks to Purchase Free-After-Extra-Bucks Items

Would you like to walk out of CVS with tons of free stuff? Just buy the items that are being offered free-after-Extra-Bucks this week. After that, use the Extra Bucks that you earn to buy next week’s free-after-EB items. After the first week, you won’t even need money to shop.

3 Download the App

Get the CVS app, and sync it to your ExtraCare card to get coupons and deals that you can’t get anywhere else.

4 Register for E-mails

Sign up for ExtraCare e-mail alerts to Get coupons throughout the year. They claim you’ll save three times as much, if you do.

5 Become a CVS Advisor

Like filling out surveys? Become a CVS Advisor member, and you’ll recieve Extra Bucks each time you participate in one of their surveys.

Note: You’ll probably only get a few survey invitations a year, but it’s an easy way to earn an extra $20-$30 in EBs.

Print Out In-Store Coupons

Before you head to the store. Visit to print coupons. You’ll find manufacturer coupons, in addition as coupons for CVS-branded products.

7 Take Advantage Of the Coupon Kiosk

CVS has coupon kiosks in all its stores. Just scan your ExtraCare card, and the machine will hand out coupons for you to use – sometimes for free products.

8 Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Save more on every Transaction by buying discounted CVS gift cards through Gift Card Granny or a different gift card discounter.

9 Transfer Your Prescriptions

CVS often offers a free gift card for transferring your prescriptions from another pharmacy. Wait for a deal to pop up in the weekly sales circular, or consult a pharmacist for more information.

10 Follow CVS on Twitter

Want to save even more? Follow “@CVS_Extra” for unique coupons and sales and to keep up with the latest deals. Everey week, they tweet a selection of the best deals from the next ad, and they also run a contest every month to reward followers with prizes and gift cards.

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