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Reviewing CheapOair

One thing that I learnt about online shopping for airfares, car rentals, and hotel reservations, is that no longer do the “heavy-hitters” always give you the best prices. There are a lot of newer, lesser-known sites that often will have better pricing. I just finished researching the online booking website CheapOair. In addition to airfares, they offer great travel information and rates on cars, cruises, hotels and packages.

The Same As The Rest?

My first reaction to checking out CheapOair was that they have to be like all the rest. I am sure you know the routine. You need to book a flight so you think you’ll do your research to find the best fare. After you hit all the major websites, you come to see that all of their “special” and “hot” deals are the same and you just wasted a bunch of time.

This is not the case with CheapOair. I first spent quite a bit of time looking at their site for the information and user-friendliness. I found several items of interest that seem to be unique to this site alone.

The Pros

CheapoAir offers the following features that I have not seen on other travel booking sites:

  • $10 money-back guarantee if you find a cheaper flight or hotel reservation
  • $5 Inconvenience coupon if your flight is late more than one hour, or your luggage is lost or delayed
  • An array of automatic discount coupons, ranging from $10-$15
  • Airport parking reservations

The money back guarantee and the inconvenience coupon have to be submitted within 12 hours of booking your flight or of your flight getting delayed or baggage lost. This is a great option as there have been many times I found a cheaper airfare fare shortly after booking my flight, and thinking that I had no recourse.

About the $5 coupon, I could get rich off this discount alone considering the recent performance of the airlines, so I found this especially appealing.

During my three day viewing of CheapoAir, I found advertised discounts on their site varying from $10 to $15. That’s not a massive discount. However, this is what set them apart to me because their fares were very close to most of the other booking sites, except for this discount. This is what allowed me to determine that they had the best rate in a lot of cases.

Another fascinating feature that I found to be unique to CheapOair is that they offer rates and reservations on airport parking. If you are flying to an unfamiliar destination, this could really save you a lot of time and money. This is a great feature.

CheapoAir also offers a lot of the services that you will find on most other booking sites, such as:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Email updates for travel deals to top destinations
  • International travel listings
  • A user-friendly site


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