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Beauty is a terrible force! Uncover the secret of the forever young Pia Arcangel! True story about beauty!

Manila. Talk show “Bloom” starring Maggie Wilson. In this studio, we discuss real stories that it’s impossible to keep quiet about!

Today at our studio, we have a charming TV host and an indisputably beautiful woman – Pia Arcangel!

For many years, the majority of our country’s female population had been impressed by the beauty and charm of this woman, and all of us are literally puzzled over how she manages to do it!

At age 39, Pia looks absolutely stunning, radiates self-confidence and optimism! As Pia herself states, she does not need the help of plastic surgeons, but she has her own youth and beauty secrets, which she is ready to share exclusively with our viewers, for which we are very grateful!

Please welcome Pia Arcangel!

Maggie: Pia, we are intrigued! Tell us about your lifestyle, so that our female viewers can understand the example they have to follow in order to look so ABSOLUTELY STUNNING?

Pia: I don’t really have any secrets, Maggie. Of course, you can argue your whole life that genetics determine everything, but in reality that isn’t true. Actually, 80% of success in terms of looks is determined by a healthy lifestyle, in all of its manifestations. This isn’t just a varied and healthy diet, but also a clear mind and a positive view of yourself, as well as of the world around you. I really like pilates and yoga, which I do 3-4 times a week. Yes, I have to sacrifice my time (I get up very early, at 6am), and work, first of all, for my own benefit. It is precisely pilates that keeps my body fit, and yoga which restores my energy, gives me inner harmony and a clear mind, which is very important for any career or profession.

Maggie: “Tell us, how often do you visit a cosmetologist?”

Pia: Look, a cosmetologist is just a one-time procedure, which is also very expensive for women our age. 85% of the time, I care for my facial skin and body exclusively at home. I use various masks, massage, and compresses.

Maggie: “Which creams and masks do you normally use?”

Pia: I really like the natural complex NeoEyes. This product literally saves me from wrinkles, bags and shadows under my eyes, and gives wonderful results! Plus, my eyes get a good rest afterwards!

Maggie: “How did you find this product? Did you find it abroad?”

Pia: A year ago, one of my friends who is a cosmetologist gave a presentation at one of the capital’s beauty salons, where she told everybody about this innovative facial product. This natural complex based on the extracts of tea tree, japanese camellia, spirulina, aloe vera is exclusive , which is why it’s only possible to get by advance order online, or through my friend (smiles) Believe me, you won’t find such an amazing product anywhere else! And that’s all there is to my secret (smiles).


Maggie: “How exactly do you use this product?”

Pia: Using it couldn’t be any simpler! One of the many advantages of NeoEyes is its simplicity and affordability. Put a few dabs of the product on your fingertip, and apply to problem areas in a thin layer, 2 times a day.

After applying this natural complex, the skin shines, is smooth, elastic and without wrinkles. No cream is necessary .

I’ve been using NeoEyes for a relatively long time, and it’s my favorite habit in terms of facial care (smiles). I also advice not to forget facial massage, but after using NeoEyes – the effect is simply amazing, similar to beauty salon care, but many times cheaper! I guarantee you that!

Maggie: Pia, do you want to add anything else or say anything to our female viewers?

Pia: I think that loving yourself and your own life comes first. You have to take care of your health and have a positive outlook on life. It is precisely health that gives us beauty, youth, charm, and self-confidence! I wish you all beauty and happiness!

With Pia’s permission, our team has published a link to the online store where you can buy the natural complex NeoEyes. Do not put your beauty on the back burner, as getting it back will be much harder!



Joanne Revilla (Manila)

Hello, Pia! I’m 45 and obviously have wrinkles around my eyes. I want to try your recommended NeoEyes, as I like the description. Thank you 🙂 I’ve already ordered it. You look perfect! Thanks to the show organizers for the interesting episode, especially for women! I love it!

Robelyn (Davao City)

One of my friends brought me the exact same product from her business trip, and the result is superb of course! It’s like I never had bags under my eyes!

Here I am:

Martina Ancheta (Pasig City)

I’m so happy with the results! I’ve forgotten what it’s like to go to the cosmetologist to get peelings!


Sharon Richardson (Los Angeles City)

Seems like a really good product, no matter how I look at it.. I think I’ll get it. One really appealing fact is that it suits all skin types, as my skin is hypersensitive, so that’s very important. I’m going to try it, thank you!


Elizabeth Francis (Cebu)

It helped me get rid of dark circles under my eyes! Nothing helped me before this. I’m so happy! This is now one of my must-haves!

Angelica Rodrigo (Caloocan)

Pia, I’m thankful to you for the information on NeoEyes. I’ve been searching for something similar for a long time. I can’t wait to get it! Thank you!


Jenny Viloria (Davao City)

I still can’t get used to my “new” face. This product is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been using it for a month, and have forgotten all about bags and circles under my eyes.

Ann (Quezon)

Hello, Pia! You look incredible! My product is already on the way! I hope it brings me a fresh look and gets rid of my wrinkles :):):)


Nerisa Martines (Manila)

My husband is in the military and brought me the same product. He said that in his home country, women buy boxes of this NeoEyes. See my results for yourself. The lids are noticeably raised!

Jessica Lukas (Zamboanga)

Hello :):):) I think this would be an excellent gift for my mom and grandma :):):) thank you!

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