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Why You Should Buy And Sell On TopHatter

We believe that TopHatter is a great penny auction alternative. TopHatter is a free to bid auction website (you never pay to bid like you would on a penny auction). So who cares! There are some features of TopHatter that we love, and very few things that we don't. So listen up class and prepare to be educated on TopHatter Auctions.

About TopHatter

  • Competition: Low-Medium (we won auctions easily)
  • TopHatter Coupon Codes: No need, bids are free
  • Free bids at sign-up: N/a, all bids are free
  • Other ways to get free bids: N/a, all bids are free
  • BBB Rating: A+

TopHatter takes the idea of Entertainment Shopping to the next level. Tophatter is a fast-paced free to bid auction platform that hosts hundreds of closing auctions at any given moment. In our observations, the number of auctions shown here outpaces some of the biggest penny auction websites like Quibids and DealDash.

TopHatter is a bidding website which is reminiscent of eBay in that 1) the items auctioned are presented by sellers, not TopHatter and 2) free to bid. However, we think that this auction platform is a lot more fun than eBay!

TopHatter Auction Features

Top Hatter is different from other online auction platforms in a number of different ways:

  • Free-to-Bid Auctions: All auctions are free to bid. You only pay if you win, plus a small shipping fee.
  • Many Sellers: Items auctioned on TopHatter are done so by real humans. So there are practically thousands of vendors auctioning products at all times. Like eBay, but much more fun and fast-paced.
  • High Number Of Auctions: The volume is really hard to judge as a user. It’s enormous, visit the site and you’ll see.

Common TopHatter Auctions

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Home goods
  • Cloths
  • Gift cards of all shapes and sizes
  • Laptops and tablet computers
  • Video games and video game consoles
  • Headphones, MP3 players
  • Digital cameras including SLRs
  • Purses, Jewelry, Art
  • Tons of other stuff


Bidding Tips

  • Shipping price: Watch the shipping price before bidding.
  • Shipping time: Check the estimated shipping time. In some cases, it can take a up to a few weeks for shipping
  • Plan to win: In our experience, we won the majority of auctions making us think that sellers are willing to sell merchandise at a low cost
  • Cancel if you need to: If you win an auction but don’t want the item, you need to cancel it within your account. Simple to do and prevents your account from being suspended.

TopHatter shipping and fees

As a bidder, Top Hatter does not charge any fees. However, when you win an auction, the vendor will take a shipping fee which in certain cases can be more than the price of the item. Just keep a look out for before bidding.

Is TopHatter a scam?

No. It isn't. TopHatter has a great BBB rating, lots of auctions, and is free to bid. Nothing we see causes concern.

TopHatter Strengths And Weaknesses

  • TopHatter Strengths: Free bids, countless auctions, fast paced and fun, easy to win auctions
  • TopHatter Weaknesses: Some products might have long shipping times

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